National Poetry Month – Who is She?

Denise nolanWho is She?

By Denise Nolan

The pain that was stored in my heart felt like black coal

Rooms are listening to the cries of the unwanted goals

Friends that look up to me are confused and started

asking Who is She?

See looking in the rearview mirror makes life troubles

Harder to overcome I ask where do my lessons come from?

Driven to the outer limits of my soul leaders are watching me

And the question again is raised Who is She?

A woman seeking her internal wisdom that can’t be

Expelled wanting to dismiss her outer shell fighting with

Temptation that only causes dreams to fail.

Living an afterlife state of mind wanting to grow in a

Different time question is Who is She?

Fallen into an unrighteous way it’s hard to not go astray

Misery has increased the travel illusions in my mind

Must cease

Walking blind in the wilderness looking for love and

Direction to obtain His protection

Unspoken knowledge that curves the mind, trying

To delete my past taken by this uncontrollable task

Question is Who is She?

Treating me as a criminal in the place someone

Forgot to tell you, I’m saved by God’s grace

In the center of His heart is where He placed me

He has taken me by the hands and now I walk with

Thee. He has taken me under His wing and now I’m

Convinced He has a plan out there for me.

Now Satan is confused and he’s asking

“Who is She?”

Denise Nolan, known as Pizazz, is a slam poet, speaker and radio personality driven to inspire and encourage women of all ages to embrace life and grow their inner strength. Visit her site at