National Poetry Month – I’m New

All_New_Season_eBook_cover_030613I’m New

By Julia Royston

New life, new walk

New right to a new talk

Newness in Christ

The payment and the price

A sacrifice made for me

The rugged cross on Mt. Calvary

I’m clean and free

No longer bound indeed

Free to give, free to love

The spirit in me from above

Free to worship free to praise

Living with the father the rest of my days

Purchased by the father

from the enemy, there is no doubt

Planted in the Kingdom of God

Makes me want to shout

Prayer: Father, I ask that you daily help me to walk in the newness of the Christian life and to be pleasing in your sight.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Julia Royston is a singer, songwriter, poet and producer poised to expand the boundaries of Praise & Worship with her anointed voice and uplifting lyrics.

In 2007, Julia recorded and released her first live CD/DVD “A New Season in Word and Song” with an accompanying book of poetry and inspirational writings titled, “A New Season in Word: Inspirations for Divine Living”.  Visit her site at