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vco_spring_2013_coverVanessa Collins Online Magazine is a Christian publication featuring articles that are inspirational, motivational and educational.  We cover everything from praising God to how to save at the grocery store.  We feature veteran writers as well as some new and upcoming talent. If you would like to submit an article, we would love to consider it for publication.

Submission is now open for the Summer 2013 edition which will be released early July 2013.  Deadline for submission is June 15, 2013.

Articles must meet the following guidelines:

  • Articles must be well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Articles must fall under the category of inspiration, motivation or education.  Articles that are clearly for promotional purposes will not be accepted.
  • Articles must be 500 – 1200 words, including title.
  • Articles can only contain links that are germane to the article.  Links that are purely for promotional purposes will be removed.  We reserve the right to remove any link that we feel is not appropriate.
  • Articles cannot contain profanity, obscenities, or highly suggestive materials.

We reserve the right to edit the article for clarity and space.  Please submit 2-3 lines of biographical information along with your article.  You can include up to 2 links in your bio, which can be promotional.  There is no financial compensation at this time for articles, but you will get great exposure!

Please submit your article to  Articles should be in Word format or it can be contained directly in the email.  If you would like to include original graphics or photographs with your article, you may.  By “original” we mean artwork, photographs or drawings that you owned or created.  All graphics must be jpeg format and at least 300 dpi.

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