Not So Extreme Couponing

I did not buy $1,500 worth of stuff for $2.15, but what I saved was incredible.

couponsI began my couponing journey about a year and half ago and it has been fantastic. I cannot believe the money I have saved in terms of the value added to my shopping trips. Before I began couponing, I spent an average of $175 per week for groceries for my family of 5. We never really seemed to be stocked up on anything. My initial goal was to cut down my grocery bill by $50 per week and try to maintain the same amount groceries. I quickly learned that a better strategy for me would be to use the $175 that I was already spending and try to get stocked up on some things before cutting my budget. I have far exceeded my goal. Not only are our cabinets filled to the rim, I have donated over $700 worth of stuff to shelters, family and friends.

Although I swore not to do it, I began a “small” stockpile. I could not help it. Free premium toothpaste and extremely discounted brand name shampoo, body wash, deodorant and laundry products are hard to pass up, particularly when they are within your desired budget. This allows me to give to others without any additional cost on my part. What a blessing.

So…for the final numbers, I spent $4,179.26 in groceries over the last 25 weeks, which comes to about $167 per week. I was able to purchase about $9,987.29 worth of stuff, which come to about $5,808.03 in free stuff. Through couponing I am getting way more than I paid for.

The verdict…we will definitely continue to coupon. While it does take some time, it is well worth it. I spend on average 6 hours a week reading couponing blogs and clipping/organizing my coupons. However, I am saving about $232 per week which comes to just over $38 per hour. I didn’t make that much when I worked full time as a chemical engineer. This couponing thing is a definite keeper.

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