National Poetry Month – Mountain of Life

DerrickMountain of Life

By Derrick Collins

I feel a strong wind blowing across my forehead,

The thought of what I’d live my life to be.

The pressure that I fear is coming faster,

And sometimes when I close my eyes I see.

Future lights shining my name boldly,

And past forgotten, all except my friends.

But sometimes the lights are dim and dirty,

And in the race for life my sorrow wins.

The few years that I’ve lived I’ve learned some lessons,

The first like on the bill, “In God We Trust”.

I’ve also learned of passion and perseverance,

Focus, don’t be distracted by every lust.

When it seems you’re all alone remember Jesus,

He’ll lead and guide as only Jesus can.

But don’t just turn your back on every person,

For God to make it work He uses man.

Make sure that care and love reflect your image,

Don’t be afraid to show what’s deep inside.

Realize that each mistake is just a lesson,

And learn, don’t get deceived by foolish pride.

Remember as you travel up life’s mountain,

That love’s the prize possession that you own.

And with your faith, your strength and God the Father,

At the top of the mountain you will set your throne.

National Poetry Month – Speak the Unspoken

marcus2Speak the Unspoken

By Marcus McGhee

Speak the unspoken

Awake the unwoken

While standing on mounts of Sinai with Moses

Conversing about the commandments of God

Watching bushes burns and rivers split

Remembering the children who dwelled in deserts

Decades upon decades upon decades yet they still entered lands of promise.

See lies no longer cover the truth and blessing unveiled like sight to those that touch the garments of Jesus.

And tell me you don’t believe

Tell me you can’t conceive the thought

Can’t buy into the notion that he who stands with God never stands alone…

Why Christ didn’t snatch the nails nailed into his hands and feet with hatred out

Why he allowed lashing after lashing, flogging after flogging, beating after beating

And peasants to spit at the feet of a king…

When we would have

If we could have,

Rendered the sight full eyeless without eyelids and the voice full voiceless

Tyrants that seek to keep their sinful pulpits of power tongue less with mouth less teachings.

Yet he remained humble.

Never questioned his father,

Even after the piercing at thorns into his brow,

Bones bruised and broken, still he walked

Miles upon miles over cobblestones of demonic prayers.

And all we saw was the weight of an oak carved wooden cross,

Not realizing it bared the sins of our souls, the doubt of our minds,

The cruel meditations of our hearts,

Yet he pressed on

Yet he pressed on

To the top of mountain were he set to crucified

Were ornery on lookers shouted and danced at what they thought was a trader’s demise.

Spitting, while shouting; “ surrender to our believes, to our God”

And where is God now

If you are indeed all-powerful remove yourself from this situation from this persecution and we too will believe







And tell me you don’t believe

Tell me you can’t conceive the thought

Can’t buy into the notion that he who stands with God never stands alone

Lie and tell me that when you were standin’ in the rain

In pain cryin’ sighin’ still lying wouldn’t ask for forgiveness even though the beast was

Kickin’ your spirit with your soul.

That it was he who handed you the umbrella

That it was he who became your pain killer

That it was he who became the shield in which shielded you from the foot of the beast

And yet you can’t believe

You can’t open your eyes to see that if it was up to you

You would still be standing in that piercing rain, licking your blood trying not to get wet with an umbrella that never opened.

Come on, come on

Tell me again and again

How the devil had you stressed out and stretched out

Standing in a blacked out cave.

No exits, no water no sight no food and no direction

How you were in a hole so deep that the dirt filled your lungs

That no loan no man woman child or machine could have dug you out

Yet when he delivered you,

When he delivered you

That cave became full of light

You saw the neon exit signs

You had food and water for your journey

That Tylenol you were given was called prayer

And your stress no longer stretched you out

That hole in which you were once buried no longer even covers your feet

And the words that the devil once whispered have become foreign and you can no longer understand his language

And tell me you don’t believe

Tell me you can’t conceive the thought

Can’t buy into the notion that he who stands with God never stands alone

National Poetry Month – I’m New

All_New_Season_eBook_cover_030613I’m New

By Julia Royston

New life, new walk

New right to a new talk

Newness in Christ

The payment and the price

A sacrifice made for me

The rugged cross on Mt. Calvary

I’m clean and free

No longer bound indeed

Free to give, free to love

The spirit in me from above

Free to worship free to praise

Living with the father the rest of my days

Purchased by the father

from the enemy, there is no doubt

Planted in the Kingdom of God

Makes me want to shout

Prayer: Father, I ask that you daily help me to walk in the newness of the Christian life and to be pleasing in your sight.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Julia Royston is a singer, songwriter, poet and producer poised to expand the boundaries of Praise & Worship with her anointed voice and uplifting lyrics.

In 2007, Julia recorded and released her first live CD/DVD “A New Season in Word and Song” with an accompanying book of poetry and inspirational writings titled, “A New Season in Word: Inspirations for Divine Living”.  Visit her site at

National Poetry Month – Who is She?

Denise nolanWho is She?

By Denise Nolan

The pain that was stored in my heart felt like black coal

Rooms are listening to the cries of the unwanted goals

Friends that look up to me are confused and started

asking Who is She?

See looking in the rearview mirror makes life troubles

Harder to overcome I ask where do my lessons come from?

Driven to the outer limits of my soul leaders are watching me

And the question again is raised Who is She?

A woman seeking her internal wisdom that can’t be

Expelled wanting to dismiss her outer shell fighting with

Temptation that only causes dreams to fail.

Living an afterlife state of mind wanting to grow in a

Different time question is Who is She?

Fallen into an unrighteous way it’s hard to not go astray

Misery has increased the travel illusions in my mind

Must cease

Walking blind in the wilderness looking for love and

Direction to obtain His protection

Unspoken knowledge that curves the mind, trying

To delete my past taken by this uncontrollable task

Question is Who is She?

Treating me as a criminal in the place someone

Forgot to tell you, I’m saved by God’s grace

In the center of His heart is where He placed me

He has taken me by the hands and now I walk with

Thee. He has taken me under His wing and now I’m

Convinced He has a plan out there for me.

Now Satan is confused and he’s asking

“Who is She?”

Denise Nolan, known as Pizazz, is a slam poet, speaker and radio personality driven to inspire and encourage women of all ages to embrace life and grow their inner strength. Visit her site at