5 Tips for Increasing the Sales of Your Kindle E-book

ebookI want to share with you 5 things you can do to increase the sales of your Kindle eBook.  Now, if you are an author with a book on Amazon, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have your book available, not only in print format but also in a digital format.  The sales of digital books are skyrocketing and have been for several years.  In April 2011, something amazing happened.  For every 100 print books Amazon sold, they sold 105 Kindle eBooks.  And with new tablets and smartphones coming out almost every quarter, it is important that you are in place to benefit from these trends.

But, you know all of this stuff.  You have published your book, it’s available in both print and digital format but… it’s not selling.  Sure, Amazon is selling 105 eBooks for every 100 print books, but they may not be your eBooks.  Let’s change that.

Tip number 1 – Make sure that your book is formatted properly and that you have your best foot forward in the Kindle preview.

The Kindle website allows potential buyers to preview the first 10% of your book.  How does it look?  Is it formatted properly?  This can be a huge problem if you allowed your book printing company to automatically format your book for Kindle.  You cannot just take the manuscript you used to print your book and covert it to Kindle.  Well, you can, but it will look horrible.  Not only do you have to take out the headers and footers but you must make sure that you don’t have extra spaces or not enough spaces so that it flows properly.  It is not hard to format a book so that it looks good on Kindle, but it does take work and you need to know what you are doing.  Amazon has even published a free Kindle book designed to give you step by step instructions on how to format your book.  You will find a link to the book in the description area below.

Tip Number 2 – Make sure that your description is well written and compelling.

Amazon allows you a fair amount of space in this area so use it.  Why should I buy your book?  What problem does it address?  What are the benefits of the book?  Basically, what’s in it for me?  Make sure you reach your audience on an emotional level.  I don’t mean get sappy with it.  I want to know how your book will make me feel.  Will I feel empowered because of the new skill that I will learn?  Will I feel grateful and energetic after I lose the weight?  You get the picture.

Tip Number 3 – Make sure you have completed your Author Central page.

Many times readers want to connect with the author.  Make sure that your Author Central page is complete with a recent bio, photo and links to your blog.  Also, make sure that all of your books are listed here.  If there is a problem, you will find contact information on the page.

Tip Number 4 – Take Advantage of Kindle Select Free Promo days

If you are a new author and you have not really established a following, you may be interested in participating in Amazon’s Kindle Select program.  You can visit the link below to find out more information.  Basically, it’s a program for those that are willing to allow Kindle to be the exclusive distributor for their particular eBook for 90 days.  If you agree, you are able to give your book away for free for up to 5 days in that 90 day period.  I know you may be saying, Vanessa, why in the world would I want to GIVE my book away.  I thought this was about increasing sales.  It is.  If you do your book promo right, you will give 1000’s of copies of your book away.  Each of these free downloads will help your ranking and help get your name out there as an author and can even help you get some great reviews.  The ranking you have during your free days and the reviews that you get, provided that they are good will increase your eBook sales when it comes off of promo.  I didn’t believe it either until I tried it, not once, not twice but 3 times.  I ran free promos for 3 different books, none of which had any Kindle sales before.  And at least one of these books had been available on Kindle for almost 2 years with no sales.  I found out how to get the word out about my promo and gave away almost 5000 books in the US and UK.  In the 3 months after the promo, that eBook sold over 100 copies.  Now, you may not think that 100 copies is much, but that book had not sold anything before the promo.  It also increased the sales of my other 2 books on the market.

Tip Number 5 – Make sure that you take advantage of the features of an ebook to drive traffic to your site and build your mailing list.

If there was one thing that I wanted you to walk away with from this training, this is it.  This tip probably speaks more to increasing sales of your future Kindle books but it is very important.  You must understand that an eBook is not just an electronic version of your print book.  It is an electronic version of your book that provides a gateway to instant access to everything else about your business, your brand and you.   The links in your eBook are truly alive.  I can click a link in your book and instantly go to that site without losing my place in your book.  That is huge.  You can direct traffic anywhere you want it to go.

So how do you use this to build your list?  You incorporate the things that Brendon Burchard and others have taught us.  You offer a valuable free gift as part of your book.  And you use the techniques that we have been taught with email capture, squeeze pages and the like to do it.  Let me show you what I did.

My first book, Intensive Faith Therapy, was an inspirational book based on Bible lessons that could be used as an individual Bible study or part of a group study.  When I first converted this to Kindle, I learned the hard way that you cannot just push a button and have a beautiful conversion without some major modifications.   I developed an 80 page workbook out of the parts of the book that I could not use on Kindle such as the journal sections.  When they clicked the link in my Kindle book, which is at the end of each chapter, they were taken to my website where they were asked for their email address.  You know the drill from there; they sign up, confirm their email and were sent a link to download the book from my website.  I received 55 signups from this one effort alone.  Now I know, 55 people may not seem like much but it was something.

So, don’t forget the 5 tips:

Tip number 1 – Make sure that your book is formatted properly.

Tip Number 2 – Make sure that your description is well written and compelling.

Tip Number 3 – Make sure you have completed your Amazon Author Central page.

Tip Number 4 – Take Advantage of Kindle Select Free Promo days.

Tip Number 5 – Make sure that you take advantage of the features of an e-book to drive traffic to your site and build your mailing list.

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